Acne Treatment Program

The Acne Treatment should be performed every two weeks. This is a 12 week program and to achieve the results it is recommended to follow every step of the way. We offer a package for the 6 sessions with a 42% discount. Our Certified Acne Specialist with Face Reality which is the best acne program with a 90% guarantee rate. You must be committed with your bi-weekly facials and homecare protocol in order for this to work.

*Please note: The homecare plan is not included in the facial prices, so expect to pay around $150 – $175 to receive quality, acne-safe products.

Covid-19 Sanitation and Supply Fee: Due to the constant purchases of essential supplies to keep both our customers and employees safe there will be a $5 Covid-19 Sanitation and Supply fee applied to your total bill. This fee will help us cover the costs of our extensive Covid-19 policy.