Let us care for this hard-to-reach area, where we use skincare techniques to revitalize the texture and appearance of your back, while addressing concerns like acne, scars, dryness, uneven skin tone, etc. We perform an analysis of your skin and will select products tailored to your skin type. This Ritual starts with a gentle, yet effective double cleansing, followed by a soothing exfoliation designed to slough away dead skin cells and to prepare your back for the extractions. A nourishing mask will help calm and hydrate your skin. Next an active solution, specifically formulated for the back, will be applied and remain on your skin to help control acne and reduce hyperpigmentation. To conclude this very needed Back Care Ritual, our esthetician will apply a rich peptide moisturizer to hydrate, firm, and protect your skin. As you emerge from this treatment, your back will feel refreshed, rejuvenated, smother, and with a more even complexion.