The Ritual Peel Facial

Our exclusive The Ritual Peel Facial is a 90-minute highly effective treatment designed to encompass everything your skin needs to look and feel amazing. With this treatment you will get everything, your experience begins with a personalized consultation with our Master esthetician to assess your skin’s unique needs and concerns. First, your skin will indulge in a double cleansing utilizing our premium quality products, carefully selected to purify and prepare your complexion for the treatment ahead. Next, based on your needs and concerns, our esthetician will select the best peel to help you achieve your skin goals. As the peel woks its magic, you will immerse in the soothing warmth of our LED light therapy. Harnessing the power of advance technology, our LED lights penetrate deep into the skin to stimulate collagen production, reduce inflammation, and promote cellular repair. Following a bathing of healing lights, our esthetician will perform a luxurious facial massage, using gentle yet invigorating techniques to enhance circulation and promote lymphatic drainage, supporting a faster skin recovery and leaving your skin with a more supple and firmer appearance. The Ritual Peel Facial experience will continue with a nourishing mask infused with potent antioxidants and vitamins, chosen specifically to replenish and hydrate your skin, followed by our luxurious finishing serums, moisturizes and sunscreen, designed to complete your personalized experience. Emerge feeling revitalized, with your skin looking renewed, firmer, with a more balanced complexion and a step closer to your skin ultimate goal. Ideal for: Any skin type Pairing service: Boosters