Acne Boot Camp

This is a powerful 12-week skin care program designed for clients struggling with acne, where you will also learn about nutrition and lifestyle, intending to help clear your skin from the inside out. It includes a unique skin care routine tailored to your acne and skin type, and it evolves as you progress through the stages on your journey to a health and clear skin.

Consultation is mandatory as the first step of the program. At the time of consultation, it will be established if you are good candidate for this program. You will get an in-depth skin analysis, go over your skin goals and create a personalized skin care regimen, tailored to your skin type and needs.
*Arrive with no makeup and a clean face – natural skin is needed to accurately develop a custom plan
*Make a list of your current products

Throughout the three (3) months program, you will be checking-in with one of our Certified Face Reality Acne Specialist every two (2) weeks to assess your progress, adjust your skin regimen, as your skin starts to change, and receive one (1) of the six (6) peels recommended on this program.

The Acne Bootcamp Peels are mild corrective peels, it accelerates results, provides professional level exfoliation and addresses acne and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

This program requires commitment and most be followed accurately, completing your bi-weekly check-ins and daily home care regimen, in order to achieve optimum guaranteed results. If younger than 18 years of age, an adult most be present. We offer treatment packages, if you are interested in a reduced cost.
Pairing service: LED Light therapy, Dermaplane, Back Peel, Extractions